Kim Wilde: the Duran-singer wants to tame her

In a secret London restaurant they recently met for dinner, and since then there are rumours about a pop romance between Kim Wilde and Duran Duran-leadsinger Simon Le Bon. Seen from outside the two would fit like a movie couple:
He is just 1m90 tall, blonde, blue eyes – a boy who makes girl’s hearts pound faster. She is one head less tall, blonde, brown eyes, isn’t anything less sexy with her pouting lips.
Both are top stars in showbusiness. But Kim and Simon discovered more similarities: Simon, whose parents have lived separately for years, takes care of his younger brothers almost like a father.
Kim’s love of children is also wellknown: she takes care of her younger sister. Kim and Simon also have the same idol, namely Elvis Costello, and both love to be in the limelight in front of a microphone. They love the contact with their fans.
In fact there is only one big difference: Simon loves to talk and give interviews, whereas Kim is more shy and introverted, doesn’t want to talk about her private life and even calls herself a closed book. Maybe Simon managed to lure Kim out of her shell?
By the way: the superposter of Kim as rock cat in this edition is made by the Berliner Art Company.