Kim Wilde: the magic rocker

Two small years of career behind her and Kim Wilde is already a star. The sale of her records and the number of spectators who came to hear her and applaud her during her recent European tour are there to confirm.
Already, with ‘Kids in America’, her first single, she seduced, charmed, enchanted most of us. Now both boys and girls are crazy about her voice and her look of a charming rocker. Although professional at the extreme, nothing at Kim seems to be prepared or studied! “Incredible!” She exclaimed. “Since I have been singing, people have been trying to find out how I found my image. What are my makeup artist, my hairdresser, my stylist? Recently, I was told that a great French hairdresser offered her customers a “Kim Wilde Cup”. It makes me laugh because my hair is me cutting them and a little bit in spite of common sense! As for my clothes, I find them at random on my travels or at the Flea in London. Nothing extraordinary in there, all the girls of my age, my girlfriends do the same”.

To the power of money. Kim prefers the warmth of feelings. So she always carries with her an old pair of boots, with grated, worn heels. “I was wearing these shoes the first time I went on television,” she says, “since I’ve been able to buy some of the finest and most luxurious shoes I’ve ever seen. Part of my history.”

Living already as a responsible woman, carrying on her shoulders the weight of success, Kim is not very far from childhood. To realize it, it was enough to see her, the other day, to taste the raspberry cake we had prepared for her birthday (she turned 22 on November 18). Not hesitating to lick fingers full of cream as children do and confessing, between two greedy mouthfuls: “I know that for my line, I should not, but I am unable to resist sweets! “
Sweet Kim who always lives wisely at her parents’ house in the London suburbs!

“We are very connected,” she said. On tour, the whole family followed or almost (the two last ones, Roxane, 2 years and Marty, 1 year, stayed at home). Madame Wilde, Joyce for the intimate, is as fair and fresh as her daughter. Marty, Papa, is more sturdy. Rock star of our parents, it keeps the ear attentive and professional eye. He is the one who wrote the tubes of Kim with Ricky, the 21 year old brother. On stage, the latter is just behind his sister, playing keyboards and guitar. So wise atmosphere around the beautiful English rocker. We surround “the little one”, we protect her but without stifling her. “Ideally,” says Kim herself. Only one black spot in her life, her last boyfriend left her. Always in the mountains and in valleys, they could no longer see each other and he ended up splitting up! Happy in the musical field, Kim is not in love. For the moment at least .. To be continued.