Kim Wilde wants an evening gown

Singer doesn’t want to be a sex bomb

What’s the matter with that new album by KIM WILDE? Is it coming or not? She’s still busy in the London studios of hitmaker Mickie Most’s record company RAK Records, together with brother Ricky and father Marty. And in the end the record will appear. Meanwhile, Kim drives around in her old Volkswagen and is surprised about the fact that she is seen as a sex bomb. Because that is not what she wants to be, Kim has a different face to offer.

‘I like glamour’, she says, ‘but in a different way. I would like to have an evening gown, a really beautiful one with bare shoulders, and go to expensive parties. That’s glamour for me.’

House mouse

‘The only thing is that I don’t feel so comfortable during such events, just like I don’t feel comfortable in front of cameras. I have said it before: in fact I’m just a grey house mouse, I live at home and I prefer to play with my little brother. And an evening gown?’ She laughs. ‘I must be crazy: sometimes I walk around in the cold because I don’t feel like searching for some other clothes to wear.’
Her entrance into showbusiness has barely changed Kim. She’s still the same girl that once sang backing vocals for her brother Ricky and the fact that they decided to bombard her as a star instead has barely touched her.

Loud laugh

Wasn’t that a very abrupt change? ‘I know that there are artists that go into a record company one day and come out as a star the next, but I don’t have the feeling it was like that for me. Okay, I also went through the whole hairdresser, make-up and clothing stores routine, but I’ve got the idea that I have remained true to myself for most of the time.
Kim Wilde stays true to herself: a 21-year old girl who loves music and especially live gigs – she will start doing them this year – and who laughs loudly when someone tells her that a popularity poll in an English magazine called her the number 1 sex symbol. Because she really doesn’t get that!