Kim’s wild mini self-built brand

As Rock lady she wore trousers for years. Now Kim wilde is dressed in the newest fashion.

Faded jeans, with second hand blouses from her boutique Ocfan Oxfam in the George Street in St. Albans (Hertfordshire) or brightly coloured t-shirts – that’s the way you know Kim Wilde since her first hit “Kids in America”. Kim always thought of new variations of trousers, because firstly she didn’t have much money as an art college student, and secondly she doesn’t like haute couture and fashion models (“These women lose all personality”).
But suddenly – a few weeks ago – the slim, 1m70 tall Kim changed her Rock-enemy stance totally. Her mother Joyce and also record boss Mickie Most were very surprised. Because Kim, who didn’t want to emphasize her sexy pouting image even further with clothing, took hold of the scissors and created her own wild Kim Wilde dress, brand self-built.
Kim’s selfmade mini model: she cuts off old, wornout black jeans by the legs and makes a short skirt out of it. She bought a black ballerina dress at Oxfam, cut it as well and sowed it onto the jeans.
As a special addition she sought out black stockings and black gloves – incidentally the first gloves she’s worn all her life.
That Kim looks really good in her new feminine outfit, which she is wearing for her new hit “View from a bridge”, you can see for yourself in the picture here. Mother Joyce: “As a child she always wore trousers, while she was climbing trees like a boy”.
At the moment is busy moving into her new three room apartment in London’s St. John’s Wood, after having just visited Japan for promotion. However, she will keep visiting her mother Joyce, father Marty and her siblings every weekend.
Besides that Kim can hardly wait until she can begin to use her white BMW Cabrio with brown seats.