Marty Wilde

It’s blast-from-the-past time at Dartford’s Orchard Theatre next Monday when Marty Wilde rock and rolls on to the stage. Marty, 48, from Stevenage, was born plain Reg Smith but went on to make his name singing classics such as Donna, Rubber Ball and Teenager in Love.

Now he spends much of his time writing songs with son Ricky for daughter Kim. The family is currently working on Kim’s third album. In fact, Marty has written quite a few chart songs in his time, including Lulu’s ‘I’m a tiger’ and Status Quo’s ‘Ice in the sun’. He said: ‘I still do gigs because I really enjoy them. When I’m off the road writing songs I miss doing the shows.’

His enthusiasm is quite apparent on stage – 23 years in the business have honed him into one of he best fun-time performers. Yet on top of his existing commitments he has recently embarked on haveing a second family. He and his wife Joyce now have a daughter Roxanne, aged three, and a son Marty aged 20 months.

With Marty at Darford will be comic Pete Duffy and veteran guitarist Bert Weedon. There will also be a Teds ‘n’ Tarts contest for the audience so don’t forget to take your drapes and suspenders! Tickets are £3 and £4 from Dartford 77331.