Nine questions for Kim Wilde

It was only a one-time trial that Kim showed her lovely female side; The mini skirt and lace socks are removed now. Kim explains why …

Kim is resting on the light brown sofa inside the office of her record company director Mickie Most. She is wearing black jeans and a black T-shirt. To this outfit she has black lace cloth shoes with stiletto heels. Her hair seems longer and more wild than usual. The only female lust she allows is a pair of black lace gloves that she wears.

How did your new song View from a Bridge” come to? What does it hide from truths in the text? Are there parallels to draw between you and the girl staring at the bridge, who will go back to your own life?
The singer was written, like most of my lazers, by my dad and my brother Ricky. It’s about anyone who sees his life signing in a water mirror. Indirectly, it could be about myself.

How does a family come home with the Wilde family?
Either it’s my dad or my brother who has a good idea. Then they say they’re swimming together and work on the idea. Then, when they know how to let their minds go, I told you to come on a corner. As far as the design of the texts is concerned, I have also been told. I must sing the songs convincingly.

Who determines your image?
It’s all year to me. I will not let anyone else decide on me when it grinds my image. But, of course, I sometimes listen to some suggestions that my dad and my brother, Ricky, come with. I have to feel comfortable in the clothes I was wearing, bathing privately and on stage. I’ve always had a penchant for stubborn pants because I’m hiring my legs to be too strong. Colors like black, white, gray and blue have always been my color of colors. And this, when buying used clothes, I started with during study time; When I studied art. I had not received a scholarship and did not want to lay my parents in charge. At the quarters, I worked as a girlfriend to take care of different tastes. Though I lived at home and that my meals last.

Why did you change your style and started appearing in mini skirts, lace socks and your gloves?
I simply tired of my old clothes style. Everyone else, even my mother, would rather see me more femininely dressed. Otherwise, I have always preferred a manly strict, almost military clothing. The tip gloves I first saw on the singer in Altered Images, Clare Grogan. Mini skirts are uncomfortable. When I have a mini-skirt on me, I feel exhausted and uncertain. I will stop dressing in mini skirts. The family council Wilde, (consisting of Dad Marty, Mom Joyce, Brother Rick and Kim) has unanimously decided to adore my old usual dress style, with pants and a stricter appearance.

What kind of makeup do you use?
Really the same as I always had since I was wearing a makeup: brown eye shadow, black mascara and lip gloss. In any case, over 100 kronor a month I do not spend on makeup.

What are you doing with your money?
It is only now this year that the money has really begun to flow. In the drill of the year I bought my dream bike, a black and white BMW cabriolet. With that car, I plan to make a tour through Europe. In addition, I invest my money in an apartment in Regent’s Park.

You are hopping on with the arrangements for your first show, which is now coming on the autumn edge sometime. What do your fans have to do?
Encouraging and interesting, the show will be said that my fans will not think that they spend unnecessary money to see and hear me. Above all, the sound quality will be first class and the lighting effects will be the same.

You have become slimmer, are you losing?
I have to make sure I’m in top shape for my scenshow. Why do I jog every day for at least two hours and cycling is also true for my exercise program. In addition, I never eat meat, but I mostly eat vegetables, vegetables and salad. Five kilos easier I have become.

A little bit about your privacy: You have heard that you go out with Steve Strange, that you are weak for Adam Ant and that you have recently been seen together with Simon le Bon from Duran Duran. Is it still in the rumors that you have found a heartfriend now?
If I do not want to exaggerate. Still a boy is not something that fits into my plans right now, simply because there is not enough time. Adam, Steve and Simon are all three very nice guys. We are just friends….