Professional debutant

I came to the Kim Wilde concert with a negative point of view but after the concert I’m ready to forget all I had in my mind before the visit to Copenhagen. Because I had a great experience mostly because of the young Danish audience. They just LOVE Kim showing it by standing applauses from the very first minute and although kim’s tight sexy behind could incite more than one young man the female audience were just as fascinated as the male part.

In the beginning Kim was a bit nervous but soon she, her brother Ricky (on bass) and the four other skillful musicians accomplished a perfect show. Te show was performed in a good rhythm – although a bit loud – and in the end the roof nearly blew off because of the great atmosphere in the theatre.

You got to admire miss Wilde; Thursday she was on stage for the first time in her life and Monday it was only the fourth time. She is playing catchy melodies and has ambition and will as few have – and she is already a pro!!