Questions and answers: Kim Wilde

Before a tour, Kim Wilde said, “Questions put to her: she answered politely. Interview with the blonde queen of Roll:

You are going on a tour for the first time, What is this tour excitement like?
So far, I’ve given a full-time concert, but for the first time, I’m going to have to go on stage almost every day. This is the most powerful and frightening part of the tour. Fortunately, my mother, my father and the members of the press can bear with me as well.”

What is your goal after making a record?
Introducing the record, of course. It is necessary to spend a lot of effort for this. If the record stays on the shelf, it won’t be sold. My Plaque: I travel to promote. As I launch my new pieces, I look at the hands in the orchestra, the audience listening to me. I understand their likes not from their applause, but from their looks, their looks. I deal with light, sound, color and decors separately. I have some help in this matter: My brother is in the band.

Is there a boil in the orchestra?
Can’t it be! For example, our drummer, the drummer who played reggae rhythms in my album, left us in the middle of a concert. When we tried to do the same thing in the studio, we used the rhythm box instead of the drummer in the second album. Other than that, our other elements – normal. Gary Barnacle on saxophone, Mark Hayward-Chaplin on bass, Steve Bird on guitar and Ricky on keyboard instruments. They all come from many bands, we got them from Stray Cats, Lene Lovich’s band, and Fisher Z. There are two vocalist girls behind me. We are a really good community.

How do we prepare physically and morally for the tour?
Thinking that we will give 19 concerts in 20 days, I thought that I had to be very strong physically. Your strong person also does cross country, I run every day. Get up early in the morning and knock I made doing physics a habit. When I first went on stage I was a little scared, but in a short time I knew how to beat him too.

Do you think the rock music will hold its place?
Today, it is said that the 1950s have returned to the 1960s. I think rock music is an expression of progress, not a turn. Rock music continues. It doesn’t look like Duracaga either. Because as people go, they become faster and more hasty.

Do you want to be a mother?
Of course. But first, find a husband. Everything is time dependent.

Do you have a certain ideal?
Making a musical. I want to write my own music. The real winner on the stage is like this. It’s not a job to sing, one has to play. This is the noble art! Sometimes when I come out of the studio after a TV shoot, I see little kids pointing at me and whispering. I approach them and ask these questions: “How do you find me?”, “”What do you like most about me?” “How old are you?”, “What do you want to be?”. It may seem strange to many, but I want to get to know my exact opposite – and also to know how they see me. If I don’t know my neighbors, my work will be worthless.