Review – Cambodia

Rock family, that of Kim Wilde… Her father, Marty, had a good success on the rock scene in the early 60s, and her brother Ricky played guitar and keyboard, as well as composing music. Together they created and produced the fantastic L.P. “Kim Wilde” from which three singles were drawn, all successful. Now, here is a brand new product of the young interpreter, who despite her very sweet appearance sings with a very special grit. Cambodia belongs to the rock-oriented-dance genre based on the new English dandies: elegant sound, a little obsessive, shaded by a sort of dark melancholy. Watching For Shapes presents an even more striking comparison with Spandau Ballet & co. More lively and rhythmic, with a nice game of guitars that holds the ranks of interesting music. Kim has assimilated his father’s rock lesson well, updated with the use of modern technologies and various ingredients that “go”, and presents it just as well. Music to consume, yes, but not to be thrown away immediately.