Review – Select

The suspicion, that children of famous artists in showbusiness have it easier than their competitors, is only partly right. Perhaps sons and daughters will have doors opened for them that remain closed for others, but without their own performances they won’t get anywhere. The best proof: Kim Wilde. Her father Marty Wilde was one of the best rock ‘n roll musicians of the early Sixties in England, with six top 10 hits within four years, such as ‘Teenager In Love’, ‘Rubber Ball’ and ‘Donna’.

Kim, born on 18.11.1960 in Hertfordshire, was educated in a private school. After getting her high school diploma she took acting classes and studied at the Hertfordshire College of Art and Design in St. Albans. She had her first encounters with music at an early age (Father Wilde is still active even now). But it has been him that wasn’t too thrilled about his daughter going into the rock business. Kim’s brother Ricky, however, went into music when he was only twelve and stepped into Marty Wilde’s band as keyboard player in 1977.

When Ricky was recording demos in the RAK studios, Kim fulfilled a dream of hers by singing some backing vocals. And at RAK there is usually a man around with the “most golden nose of rock music”, when it comes to discovering new talent: Mr. Mickie Most, who has paved the road for many artists, such as singers like Nancy Sinatra, Lulu and not least Suzi Quatro.

As a curiosity it has to be noted that Mighty Mickie played as Marty Wilde’s support act in 1957 (“The Most Brothers”).

It was Most who discovered backing vocalist Kim Wilde, had a feeling there might be success waiting and wanted to hear more. As father Wilde had now come to terms with his daughter’s wishes, the father and son team went to work at their home in Tewin (near Welwyn Garden City): in just twenty minutes Ricky composed a melody for his siter, and father wrote the lyrics. The result: “Kids in America”, a giant hit in England as well as on the European continent, broadcast on radio and television.

The next single “Chequered Love” was a second big hit. Brother Ricky and Mickie Most produces the first album, titled simply “Kim Wilde”, which contains both singles.

The third single “Cambodia” became another giant success, and with the fourth single “View From A Bridge” Kim Wilde has her television debut in Germany in the April edition of Musikladen on ARD.

Her second album “Select” has just been released: a “selection” of Kim Wilde’s musical abilities of wide variety.