Review – Select

Quite appropriate, I thought, that the record label that originally launched one of the first ladies of rock and roll, Suzi Quatro, has now picked up on one of the hottest female properties the music world has to offer. (Three cheers to RAK).

Ms Wilde doing the singing, M. Wilde and R. Wilde doing the writing, and the whole thing expertly sewn up in production by R. Wilde, but it is a team that works well.

A thing that surprised me about Ms Wilde is that she is only now embarking on her first tour, and has never in fact performed live (except maybe as part of the International Shower Singers Troupe, or has been trooped out before Aunt Lillian and Rolfe on several family picnics).

But whatever her previous endeavours, this first tour should be a blockbuster, if this album is anything to go by.

Kim has an excellent voice, and in most cases uses it well to convey her feelings in song. Some of the numbers on the album did not really move me, but those already roaring up the charts as singles, ‘View from a bridge’ and ‘Cambodia’ are quite typical of what you will find if you get yourself a copy of ‘Select’.

Personal favourite are ‘Take Me Tonight’ and ‘Words Fell Down’.