Review – Select

A pop album without a doubt, sounds of young love won and lost and sounding as if they really were written by Ms Wilde – all credit due to father and son Marty and Ricky, who’ve obviously been reading the right magazines. The arrangements too help dd up to pure, highly commercial pop, without resorting to too much cliched sighing and wistfulness, the singles ‘View From A Bridge’ and ‘Cambodia’ obviously made-to-measure for the hit parade.

Where the whole things falls down, however, is in the production (courtesy little brother) which is generally flat and wooden, making what should have been springy pop tunes sound as if they’ve had a manhole cover dropped over them. The only thing that emerges is Kim’s high clear vocals and pronunciation which, exposed and vulnerable, reveals a rather limited range. However: unprofessional, making the album somewhat bland, it may be, but I’d take it in preference to the varnished finish of Sheena Easton any day – was I forced to choose.