Review – Select

Pop music is still with us, Blondie, Police and Squeeze show us how this difficult and dangerous style can also be metamorphosed by some radio playings in an unforgettable musical background. “Kids in America”, by the english singer Kim Wilde, 21, had such a fortune. It seems that “Just a feeling” or “Cambodia”, extracted from this second album, will have the same destiny. Kim Wilde is making today’s pop music and it’s normal. Her father Marty Wilde (lyrics) has the rock’n roll, her brother Ricky (music) is a little Mozart, and if Kim Wilde doesn’t sing like Kim Carnes, she’s more exciting than Kim Novak. Her voice doesn’t have Debbie Harry’s sensuality, but she sounds like Ronnie Spector. So… “Select” is very electronic, completly electronic because 82’s sound is electronic. So … From music-for-radios magma, our Kim was born star at 20. She and her family are intelligent, talented, aware and conscious of what they represent. They’re making good pop, and they’re promising a lot. and if “Select” is good despite thousand traps, it’s because they’re brillant. Very rare, in pop music.