Review – Select

Young and promising

The songwriter Kim Wilde has released a new album. This young songwriter hit the album last year with her first album. The songs “Second Love” and “Kids In America” are very popular. The music that plays under her song is not in any way made by her, but by her father and brother, Marty and Ricky Wilde. This may sound strange, but the result is not so bad.
The new album called “Select” contains 10 songs. All of them are in the same style as on the first album or rock music. The sound barrier is a controlling instrument and electric drums used equally to the usual drummer. What gives the piano a rocky look is what the rhythm is much faster than goes and happens in music like this. About the singer Kim Wilde there is not much to say. She has a rather small voice that is new to the very earliest without her being outraged.

Overall, the album is good. The songs are most very good and all work with them smoothly. The only thing that weakens this album is what some of the songs are similar to each other.
Best logos: Ego, Words fell down, Chaos at the airport and Cambodia -Reprise.