Review – Select

Sometimes it is said that a significant part of the pop today is almost identical to other assembly line production, and it is not necessary to say that there is only a definite meaning in this term. Unfortunately, it is not at all possible to deny that the whole album is so solitary and intellectual sober so that people can tear them out of the box for fear of disregarding a precious needle!

Unfortunately, many of this new and other album by the singer Kim Wilde, is so flat and intimate that the music is all about being produced in an upcoming music scene that had the role of producing a concert of discouraged kids. Here you can easily swim the booty like two motorboats in a race over a low fjord, and all the expansions are cast in the same tournament, which in turn causes the music to be wearing out, where there is a celebration of each intersection.

Kim Wilde has a little voice and looked upon her. Yet there are unique songs where this little and mellow voice gets used, I mention the song “Chaos At The Airport”, and in the act of the album “Cambodia” is the song noiseless, this song really came out on a single long ago, and attracted considerable attention.
Kim Wilde entered a music-savvy family, or you would have to eat. Her father, Marty Wilde, sang on a couple of albums for two decades or so, and older brother Kim, Ricky Wilde has gotten a lot of musicians and something about performing.
On the other hand, he made even more progress, considering the results of this work. Ricky controlled the recording and composed all the songs along with the dads, – and they are now plainly no Lennon/McCartney.

Kim Wilde, from my inscrutable endeavors, has been very successful among the Dutch, Belgium and the Nordic countries. This album went straight on to the top of the Belgian list when it came out. Perhaps such a sullupop of a lighter type lives over some magic that I’m hiding. One song from Kim Wilde does not hurt me, but a whole album of great humor has one album too much!