Romantic Steve is just wild about Kim

Cult figure Steve Strange is walking on the Wilde side and relishing every moment of it.
His companion for the past two weeks has been 21-year-old Kim Wilde, singer-daughter of one-time teenage “rage” Marty.

Steve, 22, and Kim are the New Romantics, 1982 style. For their late-night London dinner date, HE wore the hair lacquer and heavy mascara, while SHE wore a tweed jacket over a lace blouse. Kim, being very pretty doesn’t need make-up anyway.


Steve, leader of the group Visage, said: “Our relationship is in its early days yet. We see as much of each other as our careers permit. We enjoy each other’s company.”

But a friend of Steve was more emphatic: “Since meeting Kim he’s shining, happier and more content.”

Kim blushed and fidgeted when asked about the flamboyant man at her side. Then she trotted out a quaint, old-fashioned phrase: “We have been out a few times – just good friends, you could say.”

You could also say that Steve and Kim – recently voted Top Newcomers in a popularity poll – are getting on just fine and dandy.