Shaky and Kim invite two of you for a super meeting!

2 Pop/Rocky readers can with a super meeting with Shakin’ Stevens and Kim Wilde! That is a big thankyou from the two English stars for their top positions during the Pop/Rocky Hammer election 1981.

Shaky and Kim happily received their golden awards, and especially Kim had lots of fun with her hammer smurf. Both stars spontaneously wrote little thank you notes with which they wanted to thank the Pop/Rocky readers. Besides this they invited one Pop/Rocky reader each for a meeting the next time they are in Germany.

Kim Wilde working in the studio at the moment, working on her new LP. Before this, her new single will soon be released. She will also do live concerts later this year. Kim is putting together her own band, which she wants to go on tour with this Summer.

Shaky is working hard as well. His calender is filled to the brim. To promote his new single ‘Oh Julie’ he’s visiting all the important television programmes. In between he’s using every spare moment to work on his new LP, which will be released just after the Summer. On March 14 he will start a tour in Australia, before he takes his hot rock ‘n’ roll show to Germany. And then one of you will experience him up close!

If you want to spend a day with one of the ‘golden winners’, send a postcard to:
POP/Rocky editors,
Keyword: Shaky or Kim (choosing the one you want to meet!)
Postfach 8099 Zurich

We will also have great prizes for others.
Grand prize: meeting Kim Wilde or Shakin’ Stevens!
Runners up: the original ‘Thank you note’ fro mShaky or Kim, and 10 signed LP’s from Shakin’ Stevens and Kim Wilde!

Kim Wilde

Thank you to all the readers of Pop Rocky for voting me no. 1. With lots of love, Kim Wilde.

Shakin’ Stevens

Thank you for the award. Many thanks.
Shakin’ Stevens