Sleepyhead Kim’s dream comes true

One of our brightest new singers, Kim Wilde has been put on film during her first British tour for an ITV programme on New Year’s Eve. When it is screened, Kim will be “round the television with the family”, after she returns to the family home in Hertfordshire from a well-earned holiday in the sun.

Kim kicked off her tour with a warm-up in Denmark. “They gave us a boost. It was fantastic for a show that was just finding its feet.”

Friendly Kim, seemingly unaffected by fame, chatted about the TV programme. “It was filmed from two month before the tour, and follows through to the first date at Bristol, and the first at London’s Dominion. I was filmed rehearsing, and going on shopping trips for clothes to wear.”

She recalled that as a child she used to go on tours with her pop singing father Marty: “I always wanted to be a singer, and now it’s ironic with dad in the wings. I could not help him when he was on stage, but he gave me a lot of advice and help.”

New album

At the family Christmas will be brother Ricky who writes music for her: and there will be little sister, Roxanne, three, and baby brother Marty, two.

Christmas over, Kim will be busy making records. “We hope to get another single out in January, and we are working on a new album. I will definitely be doing a tour next year, and will probably be doing a European one in the countries we could not get to this year, like Germany.”

Kim is her own hairdresser. “I am not interested in clothes any more as long as I am comfortable. I spent a lot of time wearing uncomfortable things and came to the conclusion that my body was worth a lot more to me than looking good. I don’t get much time to buy clothes any more. But I still love to look round second-hand shops and get their kind of clothes.”

She has “no time for hobbies”. As for boyfriends, they “have to be available when you are, girlfriends too. It’s not easy, but I enjoy the relationships I have. I have friends from school.”


“It gets hard being so busy. I have not had a real holiday since Kids in America. I did take a week off to go ski-ing, though, but I rushed around. When you do have time off you need to relax.”

There’s one big advantage to the pop world though. “I have always hated getting up in the morning – that’s how this job is ideal for me, as I don’t have to be up in the mornings regularly. If I had a different job it would not be a regular one as there’s no way I could make it getting up every morning.”