Stars on 45

Kim Wilde reviews this month’s crop of singles for Flexipop.

Read Between The Lines – CAROLE KING
When her ‘Tapestry’ album came out it really freaked me, it was so good. She probably wishes she’d never made that album, because nothing can ever match up to it again. This single certainly doesn’t. But her voice is great and it makes a nice change to hear someone who can really sing.

Nick Heyward is lovely. He looks lovely and he sings lovely. Their music is full of summer and sunshine and this song is perfect for the time of year, even though it isn’t as good as ‘Love Plus One’. I haven’t met Nick Heyward yet. Maybe I will soon?

I like this one. I think Bananarama look very good. I read that the reason that Fun Boy Three got Bananarama to perform with them was purely sexist – they saw a picture of the girls in The Face and fancied them like hell – which seems like a perfectly good reason to work with someone. I like the deadpan girly sound of their vocals.

Don’t Call It Love – GIRLSCHOOL
I was hoping I wouldn’t have to listen to this one. I’m totally narrow minded about Heavy Metal. The only person I like doing that sort of music is Lemmy of Motorhead. But this single is better than I expected. At least, it is a real song.

The Cycle (Let It Flow) – GARY BROOKER
Listen to those lyrics! I’ve seen the mist rise up from the Severn – it’s a bit strained, isn’t it! If my radio broke down half way through this song I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Ooh Shooby Doo Do Lang – ANEKA
O.K., let’s have a laugh… (several minutes of hysterical giggling later)… You’ve got to give it to her – she’s got guts. I heard that kids get frightened when they see her with that wig on. I get frightened when I see a record with ‘Aneka’ on. She should stick to singing traditional Scottish songs, which she does very well indeed. But if she can get away with this sort of stuff, good luck to her.

Cat People – DAVID BOWIE
He didn’t write the music. This is really disappointing. When he did that other terrible thing with Queen, I thought he’d be bound to put out something really good to make up for it. Then along comes this!

I intensely disliked ‘Adventures in Modern Recording’, but this is better. Trevor Horn seems to be best when he’s not doing his own songs but is turning other people’s dull songs into minor masterpieces – like his production of Bucks Fizz’s ‘My Camera Never Lies’, which I can’t stop playing at the moment.

This Is The House – EURYTHMICS
Dave Stewart is doing the synthesisers on this. I’m a great fan of his, and this song is really great. I love all the brass in it. Excellent.

Freeze Frame – J. GEILS BAND
I like this better than ‘Centrefold’ with all that Na-na-na chanting which really got on my nerves. I suppose ‘Freeze Frame’ is quite a happy little humdinger in its way, but I don’t think I shall be dashing out to buy it.

Save It For Later – THE BEAT
It’s not as strong as their last single. This might take a few listens to get used to . Still, at least it’ll provide an excuse to see them on telly again, which is nice, because Dave Wakeling looks great.

One thing I really admire about all his records is the packaging, which is always very classy. The song is good too, though there is a much better version of it on the album. He’s added an orchestra on this version which spoils it a bit. It’s a beautiful song even so, and he sings it brilliantly.

Don’t like it. Sounds like so many other things… a bit like ‘The Sounds of the Crowd’. Dull.

These two usually come up with good melodies and hooks. I saw them live once and I can honestly say I’ve never been so bored in my life. I really don’t like that stereotypical American rock star style of presentation. That aside, I do like their singles. But this isn’t as good as some of their other ones.

Ever So Lonely – MONSOON
I don’t like it because I don’t like the sound of the sitar. It reminds me of a dodgy curry I had in Soho once. But Monsoon are very brave to make a record like this with such a strongly Indian approach and, in some respects, it would be great if it got into the charts. I’m sure that a lot of Indian people get sick of hearing all Western style music on the radio day after day and this would make a nice change, I suppose. But speaking personally, I don’t like it at all.

I might grwo to like it but I’m not crazy about it at the moment. It’s the sort of record that may well get a lot of radio play – it’s very undemanding to listen to. I’m disappointed, because, with a name like A Flock of Seagulls I expected something a bit whackier.

I like her voice but the song isn’t particularly good. There’s a song called ‘Recovery’ on the ‘Physical’ album which would have made a much better single. Nevertheless, if I was driving along in a car and this song came on the radio I’d turn it up because I like hearing her sing.

Instinction – SPANDAU BALLET
I’m not a big fan of Spandau Ballet but I do like some of their songs, such as ‘Chant Number One’ and ‘Musclebound’, though my favourite of all of them was ‘To Cut A Long Story Short’. As far as ‘Instinction’ goes, well, the production is interesting but the song isn’t. It’s got that disco mix where only the beat counts but the song doesn’t matter at all.