Strange Kim Wilde

She’s in the very highest places in the European charts and one song ‘Cambodia’ goes very hard. Last summer and fall, you discovered her on the airwaves and in nightclubs with ‘Kids in America’. A large hit that did not remain without a future, and that’s wonderful, because ‘a coup’ as they say in the jargon of the art, after all, is not particularly easy, but to re-offend and to remain in ‘top’ of success is not obvious. Just ask all the forgotten idols ….

Kim, she firmly believes in her luck and her good music. This strange English girl has something to Girls: different resolution, she has to her advantage a remarkable and fascinating look we tried to copy with makeup, but without success. Tight black pants zipped up from below, black shirt, white shirt and red vest, high heeled boots, Kim is not only a very personal, but also his own way, which is unlike any other. As for her hairstyle! Oh, her hair! … Moreover, in English Wild means wild: what a program! Discover her music on all radio stations. Really, really good. Who said that girls could not sing? Enough to change your mind all the macho boys in your life who think that all blondes like Marilyn Monroe have it all: Kim Wilde is something else!