The Bardot of pop nervous before her Slagelse debut

[Translated for Wilde Life by Tim Nielsen]

Slagelse, here I come!
The most modern within pop-princesses is now boosting her career tonight with her worldpremiere in the Antvorskov-Hall in Westsealand.
English Kim Wilde stiffened her selfconfidence with black coffee and sweetening-tablets, before she moved westwards for the last rehearsal before her life’s first concert yesterday afternoon.

‘Nervous? You bet! How do you think it’s going to go? Are people completely wild about me overhere? But I can’t imagine 2-3000 complete strangers singing the songs I made in a studio in Hertfordshire’, said a visibly shy Kim Wilde at a press conference in Copenhagen yesterday.

In her homecountry she’s being called the britons musical answer to Brigitte Bardot, but yesterday she showed her sexappeal in a broadstriped shirt, black leatherjacket, diet and stretch-trousers.
She was a little girl with a big mouth and peroxided gel-hair, who suddenly has to meet millions of peoples expectations of a star.

Rock father

Just in a small country like Denmark she has already sold 110,000 LP’s and 45,000 singles and that’s very good for a beginner. Until last year Kim was just a normal student, who dreamed about becoming a painting artist, but because she’s not out of a quite normal family, she suddenly became something within the music business. She is the daughter of the 50’s big rockidol Marty Wilde, and he and Mrs Joyce have come along to Denmark. It is also first time they will see Kim on a stage.

‘We don’t interfere very much with Kim’s career, except for taking care of the business matters. It was entirely her own idea to go on tour. The only advise I have given her both as a father and an artist, is to keep her feet firmly on the ground. She is a star, but she shouldn’t be untouchable’, said Marty Wilde from the other end of the room.