The Wilde Family (2): Father Marty predicts recovery of ailing Kim

Thirteen years ago a horrible drama transpired in the family Wilde. Daughter Kim had to be brought into hospital with meningitis. The doctors feared for her life. Kim’s parents were desperate. But at that very moment father Marty discovered his sixth sense… a supernatural power.

Driving home like a madman

The tragic event took place when Marty and Joyce did a concert in Liverpool. In the dressingroom they received a call that their 8 year old daughter Kim was admitted into hospital with meningitis.
“Joyce and me were in a state of panic”, tells Marty. “We knew all too well that this horrible disease could take Kim’s life. Those were the most heartbreaking moments in our lives.”
Marty and Joyce drove back to London like madmen. “Back then, such a drive took six hours”, says Marty. “We were totally in fear in that car. But after two hours my panic suddenly vanished. I felt that Kim was safe and suddenly turned calm. I took my foot off the pedal and drove more safely. Joyce didn’t understand and said that I’d gone mad. But I just knew that Kim would recover, and that they would tell us so in the hospital.”
“I didn’t believe him at first”, tells Joyce. “But he seemed so sure that I felt calmer as well. When we arrived at the hospital in the middle of the night, Marty had been right. Kim would recover fully. The doctor had been able to prevent the virus from reaching her brain. The medical procedure was done four hours earlier. It seemed like Marty had a very special power within him.”

Grandmother a witch?

Marty is fully convinced that he inherited this power from his grandmother. She read cards in Greenwich near London, where Marty grew up. “That woman made the most extraordinary predictions”, he says. “When she told me that I would become a pop star and travel all around the world, I thought it was a nice story. But her predictions came true. She also read in the cards that her own song, my father, wouldn’t live for very long. That turned out to be true as well: he died when he was 48 years old. Older people in our town called her a witch. She wasn’t, but she did have this unexplained power. I must have inherited that from her.”