The Wilde Family (3): Kim dreams of a big family

The showbusiness isn’t very friendly for girls of 21. Just ask Kim Wilde. She has to give it all every day to stay at the top. It’s a difficult job. “But fortunately I can always rely on my parents”, says Kim, “because without their unconditional support I wouldn’t be able to survive this tempo.” Still, Kim dreams of more relaxed days. Days she would spend with love and devotion for her own children. Because within a few years she would like to have her own family. That’s for sure.

Terribly jealous

“It’s almost like there’s a taboo for children of pop stars to go into showbusiness themselves”, says Kim. “But that doesn’t scare me. I have always had the feeling I would somehow make it. That didn’t have to be in showbusiness. Art is also very appealing to me. But with my background it was almost inevitable I would sing. My parents have never protested against that. Father only had one advice: “If you want to succeed, work hard and enjoy your success”. That’s what I’m doing.”
Kim says she will do almost anything to stay at the top. “I want to be a star and that doesn’t come easy. The business is hard. Especially for girls of 21, but I learn every day. I have a lot of faith in my parents. They always stand by me. My dad as a songwriter and travelling companion. My mother runs the fanclub and I can always use her shoulder if I need to.”
Her younger brother Ricky also plays an important part in her career. He writes the hits with dad and produces them as well.
“Ricky and me are best friends”, says Kim. “But I used to be terribly jealous of him. When he was thirteen years he scored a big hit with “I am an astronaut”. I was very angry.”
Now Ricky shares the success with his sister. Does he never get jealous of her?
“Why would I?”, he replies. “I make more money than Kim writing her songs and producing them! Just kidding… I have no problem with her taking over. She is a great girl and deserves her success fully.”

Marriage at 26

Kim can count on her brother, because there are enough jealous boyfriends. “Some boys are very irritating now that I’m successful”, Kim reveals. “They are jealous and spread around the weirdest stories, make up past relationships and so on. Those lies make me angry. But what can you do? I was at a party the other night and met an old classmate. He would tell these stories to everyone who listened. I am not ashamed of my school accomplishments, but if he keeps on dragging those old stories up, I won’t stand for it. So I gave him a black eye!”
Kim says she still have some good friends. “But I am not a very outgoing person”, she says. “I never do anything special when I have time off. When I get home I play with my sister Roxanne and brother Marty. They are such dears! And I watch TV a lot, listen and buy records. No, I don’t have time for a relationship yet. My career goes first now. But I will get married. When I’m 26 if possible. That seems like a good age. I want a few children as well, maybe four, just like my parents. Because we have a very nice family. I hope my children will become as happy as I am.”