This year’s blonde

As this is our first edition of the year, we thought it’d be nice to feature one girl for whom 1982’s going to be great. Kim Wilde is that girl, and if you’ve ever wondered what she’s really like, read on…

Kim, well wrapped up in two jerseys and black woolly tights, snuggled back into the leather sofa in Mickie Most’s office and blew her nose for the umpteenth time.

Having had three hit singles on the trot, she’s been kept busy flying round Europe promoting them and hasn’t had the time to get herself in shape. But she’ll be able to take things a bit easier now, and is looking forward to a skiing holiday soon with 20 of her pals.

“We’re going on a package tour, nothing fancy.” said Kim. “We’ve all been on a trip like this before, when we were at school. I still see all my friends as much as I can, even though I’m a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to going out. Luckily one of them runs a night club so I can go there and feel safe.”

Kim enjoys coming to London to go to concerts, but that depends on what mood her car is in. She has a Volkswagen Beetle which doesn’t take kindly to the treatment it gets on the motorway.

“Half the time I forget to put oil and petrol in it”, laughed Kim. “Cars don’t really interest me… and I hate having to drive all the way home after concerts. I’d rather stay in my own area, there’s always something going on there. I don’t enjoy parties much – unless there’s smoked salmon and champagne!”

Kim thinks that one day she might get her own flat in London, but for the moment she’s quite happy to stay with Mum and Dad, and her brother and sister at home, in Hertfordshire. Most of the things that have been written about her say she’s a home-loving girl who likes being with her family, so is that the real Kim?

“Well I enjoy my parents’ company”, agreed Kim, “but not to the point of wanting to spend every minute of the day with them. I have no burning ambition to leave the family home, I enjoy waking up to my little sister every day. I don’t know how I’d handle a flat of my own at the moment. I’d rather ease myself into it. I’ve always done things when the time felt right.

It was like going to art college. I desperately wanted to go and I was absolutely sure it was right for me. I did it on the spur of the moment, and when I applied, most of the places had already been filled. I think they must have taken me purely on the enthusiasm I showed!”

Kim admits that she was a bit lazy at art college and concentrated too much on her social life. “I was a real sucker for living it up”, she said. “I didn’t work hard and spent too much time just enjoying myself, but I did learn a lot about people.”

Did Kim ever feel she had missed out on learning about boys by going to an all girls school? After all, some days would be pretty dull if there weren’t a few boys to add interest to the maths class!

“Although ours was a girls’ school, I think I would have worried too much about what I looked like. I worried enough about that anyway! I think it would have affected my studies a lot, too! Luckily, I’ve always enjoyed the company of girls, in fact sometimes I definitely prefer it!

“I’m looking forward to going out on the road with a band next year”, sad Kim when we asked about appearing live. “I’m not really nervous because I don’t know what to expect. If there are only four people sitting in a hall big enough to hold 400, then I suppose I’ll be terrified! When I sang live on French TV, I kept thinking I’d forget the words. I haven’t really thought of an image for the live show, though, because I don’t usually think of things until they’re on top of me.”

Apart from being a self confessed leave-it-to-the-last-minute person, how would Kim describe her personality?

“I’m a forgiving person”, she told us. “I can’t hold things against people for long, lief’s too short to hold grudges. I get easily hurt, too. Above all, I’m an optimist really, but I have to be careful, especially with this new-found fame. Most of the time I just have confidence in myself. Other things? I eat too quickly! Especially beans on toast or spaghetti on toast – my favourite meals. Fortunately I don’t have to diet, sometimes I eat a lot and then I don’t eat much for a few days, so it balances itself out.”

What about getting older? It’s been said that Kim is like a young Debbie Harry, so does she worry a lot about her looks?

“I’ve never worried about getting older”, said 20-year-old Kim. “I’m quite looking forward to it. I think you get wiser with age – at least I hope you do!”

And how would she feel if she never had another hit single?

“It depends on what took its place”, she said. “If it was nothing creative, then yes, it would destroy me. But once I got used to the idea, then maybe it would even do me some good. Anything that happens to you – even if it’s bad – teaches you something. Most of all, though, I hope I always have variety in my life. Even the thought of having children is a nice thought. Being used to a child at home (Kim has a baby sister, Roxanne), I know what it’s like. It must be wonderful to have them if you want them. I wouldn’t put down motherhood, but if you have a career and are a mother, I think you’re a more interesting person for your children.”

Of course, there’s the husband to take into account too. Would Kim ever give up her career for a man?

“For a man!” Kim exclaimed. “If the man was that selfish that he wanted me to give up my career I don’t think I’d be attracted to him in the first place. I don’t see myself ever giving up what I’m doing. I think it’s sad when men feel threatened by women’s success – and vice versa. Women and men should be equal.”

As KIm’s parents were both in show business, how did they feel when she first announced that was what she wanted to do?

“I wouldn’t say they were stunned at me wanting to sing. But they were stunned at the success I got”, she said. “I love singing, although it’s a selfish career. It’s an added bonus if people like it.”

We’re sure there are no fears about that!