Up-and-coming Kim pops in on debut concert tour

Calling in at Southport Theatre, which is only one of the stops on her first-ever concert tour, is up-and-coming star Kim Wilde, who hit the pop headlines with her single ‘Kids in America’.

Kim, daughter of the popular Marty, has gone on from that first success, which sold in excess of one million copies world-wide, and now has four more hit singles and two successful albums under her belt. No doubt she’ll be digging up these numbers when she appears on stage tonight at 8 o’clock.

Tomorrow sees the return of popular entertainer, Helen Reddy, who will be remembered forever for her song ‘I am woman’, which was destined to become and anthem of social change in the 1970s, and for which Helen herself wrote the lyrics.

On Wednesday, the popular Bill Eckstine appears at the theatre.