What is the matter with Kim? No German tour! Japan-single suppressed!

Just a few weeks ago Kim Wilde promised the Pop/Rocky readers in an interview: “This year I will come to Germany!”. But for now, as it has been made clear from Kim Wilde’s headquarters, all tour plans in Germany have been cancelled. At most, maybe later this year, in the autumn there will be a tour in England. Comment of the management about the cancellation: “No comment!”.
This comment can Pop/Rocky also give itself. Probably Kim Wilde is simply afraid of doing the first live tour of her life. This fear to come in front of the fans can maybe be understood with some difficulty, but also the new single “Bitter is better” is kept from the fans! The record has been out in Japan for a long time already – an uptempo track, made after the now familiar Kim Wilde mould. Pop/Rocky has the record! And we are convinced. This song will be a treat for all rock fans in Europe. But Kim’s management says “No – we don’t release it here”.

Admittedly, the birth of “Bitter is better” is for European understandings uncommon. In Japan there are some 150 different TV stations. People wishing to promote their products have to run their campaigns on over 150 TV stations. Of course there is also music with the moving images. The composer of the music has to be paid for every time the music is played on TV. With 150 TV stations, the amounts of money stack up quickly. And so companies have started making music especially for commercials. The payment for the composers is relatively small. In the case of drinks company “Bitter and Lemon”, they have invited two composers from Japan to write the song “Bitter is better” for Kim Wilde. Of course she used the opportunity to release the song on record, and she ended up in the charts with it.
And so, there can be only one explanation for the fact that this song is withheld from German (and also English) fans: Marty Wilde, Kim’s father and house composer of all her songs, and also her brother Ricky, were afraid to release the track. They didn’t make “Bitter is better” and if it were successful they wouldn’t make any money off of it. The fans in Germany and in England, with whose faithfullness Kim has been made to what she is, go again down the drain!
What is the matter with you, Kim? Have you forgotten your German fans?

What do you think of Kim Wilde’s pulling back?

20 ‘Bitter is better’ singles to be won!
What do you think of the fact that Kim Wilde pushes back her German tour time and again? That her management pulls back her super single ‘Bitter is better’ simply because they can’t earn money with it? Write us your opinion! We will show your letters to her. We’ll see what she has to say.
We will give away 20 ‘Bitter is better’ singles to lucky winners, just in case the ‘no’ stays a ‘no’ for the release in Germany.
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