Why are boys afraid of Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde is young, beautiful and famous. A girl who can wrap a dozen boys around every finger, you’d think. But nothing could be further from the truth. “Boys are afraid of me”, a shocked Kim revealed to PopBiz…

Kim Wilde didn’t enter the pop business to try and find lots of boys. But she is surprised to find that she doesn’t get even one marriage proposal, or is asked out by fans of her own age.
Kim about this: “It is really unbelievable. I used to get chatted up by boys at parties. Sometimes I would come along, sometimes I wouldn’t. But now everyone keeps looking at me from a distance. When my brother introduces me to an acquaintance, he is usually very nervous. I don’t attract boys anymore, I repulse them…”

Does she have an explanation for this?
Kim: “I know people find me arrogant sometimes. That’s not my intention. But I am a normal girl, who needs friendship and love. Ever since I became famous I haven’t had a boyfriend. Boys seem to think that I only want to make out with rock stars now. But that’s exactly what I don’t want!”