Why was no-one allowed to see the tears of Kim Wilde?

Kim Wilde had overwhelming success during her concerts in Denmark. Still she burst into tears afterwards. What is happening with Kim?

Kim Wilde is sitting in her dressing room with a plate full of cheese sandwiches in her hand. She looks amused at the fifty invited people talking about the success of her first live concert. Flowers and telegrams are brought in.
“I can hardly believe it”, says Kim time after time. “This triumph gives me a kick to go on for the rest of the year.”
Suddenly her smile fades and tears roll from her eyes. Tears of happiness, but also of relief. Kim has just experienced the most exciting moment of her young life. After an unstoppable series of hits there was so much at stake with this concert. But Kim was great.
“You don’t have to expect much from the audience”, mother Joyce said that afternoon. “The Danes are an unusually cool audience, that can’t be lifted from their seats.” But Kim proved the contrary that night. After the first song the hall was immediately enthusiastic. Kim and her band were only allowed off stage after three encores.
Kim’s father, Marty Wilde, has left nothing to coincidence. For months he rehearsed with Kim and the band. Marty also played it safe by testing his daughter in Scandinavia.
“The British critics are merciless”, he says about this. “That hits you hard. I know, I’ve been there. But when we go on tour in England in October Kim will give her all. The reactions of the fans are much more important than a few angry boys from the press.”

Marty pats his daughter’s shoulder in encouragement. “At home you will be the hit of the year”, he says excitedly. But Kim is a bit overwhelmed. Is she afraid of what’s waiting for her?
“Not really”, she said softly. “I am a bit unsure, however, because I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few months. It’s my first tour after all.” She is congratulated once again.
“I can’t say what I’m feeling”, she explains. “It’s like my whole life has changed today.”
She brushes away a tear. Just as a photographer wants to make a candid picture, Marty takes her away. “Stars don’t cry, do they?”, he says sweetly.