Wilde swings hit the mark

Making hit records is very much a family business for the luscious English pop sensation, Kim Wilde.

While she may be the youngest perforrmer in her household, she seems certain to be the most successful. Her string of hits in the UK and Australia now rivals the success her father, the legendary rock figure Marty Wilde, achieved at the end of the ’50s. Conquering the American market is  next, with her first single Kids In America, speeding up their charts.

Kim has made her mark in Australia with four singles in a row cracking the national top 10. Last week her second album, Select, entered the lists at 26 and is certain to climb higher. Kim freely admits all this success wouldn’t have happened without her dad. ‘Working with him is the best part of my career’, she said.

Her brother Ricky, who was also groomed for a show business career, is another important part of the formula for her first tour, through the UK, in October.


He and Marty co-write Kim’s songs and Riky is responsible for the production of her records. Kim said: ‘We help each other a great dea, especially with the lyrics. This tour will say a lot more than words can. There won’t be any big sets or anything, but we’ve got some fantastic musicians working with us.’

By 1983 she’ll be ready for an international tour. ‘I don’t know how extensive it will be, but we’ll be coming to Australia because my records do so well here.’

The combination of a pretty face and the best music the family can make have made Kim a rich and famous 20-year-old with a very levelheaded attitude. Kim accepts her extraordinary success complacently. ‘I don’t think it’s odd at all – everything seems incredibly normal. If I felt it was odd, I’d be a lot more confused, and I’m not confused at all. I’m very happy. I’m ambitious and new challenges come along every day. Things just get more and more exciting.’