Yes, they’re just wilde about Kim!

Stunning singer Kim Wilde is about to consolidate recent chart successes with a nationwide tour which brings her to Sussex on October 25.

Her latest single, ‘Child Come Away’, is about to enter the charts and is expected to top the million mark, like her other singles: ‘Kids in America’, ‘Chequered Love’, ‘Water on Glass’, ‘Cambodia’ and ‘View From A Bridge’.

Born in Chiswick 22 years ago, this 5 feet 4 inch, blonde, blue-eyed beauty is the daughter of Marty Wilde. He had 14 hits during his singing career, his highest chart placing being number two – which Kim achieved with her first release.

Her father and younger brother, Ricky, now help to write and produce her records for Mickie Most’s RAK Records.

Even with her current popularity and success, she, it is said, shuns the trappings of stardom: She does her own hair and make-up and prefers to buy her clothes from Oxfam and other charity shops.

Her concert on October 25, is at the Dome, Brighton.