A chocolate initial for Kim Wilde

The 14 year old Mireille Ravesteijn from Purmerend finally did succeed: her entry for our ‘Make a poem and meet Kim Wilde’ arrived in our office despite a mail strike, although she had called her poem through to us meanwhile. Anyway, Mireille’s entry was the best according to our jury and so she went to Kim’s dressing room at the Muziekcentrum Vredenburg in Utrecht along with her friend Martine. Nervous? Just a little. It became a night to remember.
Despite all the preparations for her gig Kim Wilde took her time to meet Mireille. First the blonde singer had to be explained what the Sinterklaas phenomenon was all about, because they don’t have this feast in England, after which Hitkrant’s Ton translaed Mireille’s poem for Kim. Especially the quotes ‘blonde babe’ and ‘swinging butt’ made Kim, Ricky, tour manager Jeff and a few musicians of Kim’s band cheer loudly.


And then it was time to unwrap, because aside from the poem Mireille had brought a few presents for Kim: a chocolate initial K (with the explanation that we give these during Sinterklaas in Holland) and a box of cherry bonbons, which Kim immediately wanted to eat. After that the pop star watched Mireille’s scrapbooks and signed it wherever the ladies wanted.
Photographer Rob did his work meanwhile, and after all this, Kim had to start her concert. Mireille and Martine said their goodbyes and went away to the concert, with their precious backstage passes. An unforgettable night and for Mireille the best Sinterklaas present they could have wished for!