A hot interview with Kim Wilde

Your hit is called ” Love Blonde” . Does that mean that blondes are attractive ?
Sure. Ever since I dyed blond , attractive and I have more success.

Video you shot dressed in sexy leather dress. Are you temperamental ?
No, just look.

Do you like it that these men watch ?
Sure. I believe that every woman likes that.

Do you think appearance is important for you?
I feel much better and nicer sing when you know you look good .

Why do men like you?
I have no idea. I think because they think I’m beautiful.

Would you like a husband and children?
No, not yet.

How are you getting along with fellow rock stars?
Well, I can not in every city have one friend for dating. I do not use drugs , and after the concert, I prefer to go to sleep instead of going into “the life”.

Did you ever have a one night stand?
It’s never happened.

Typical “Scorpio”? (Her birthday is 18:11 )
Probably. I’m jealous and self-critical , but also well-mannered and serious (laughs).

Is your freedom limited?
No. Or maybe, yes. My grandmother always tells me not to go with married men, and mother to return home before midnight .