A Wilde week

Beautiful singer Kim Wilde never gets time to put her feet up, not now she’s a star. So what does she do when she’s not starring on Top Of The Pops? We followed, with a cmera zooming in close…

1. Posing for photographs takes up a lot of Kim’s time. “I don’t mind it if I’m feeling good, but if I’ve had a late night the night before and I’m feeling spotty and wrecked, I hate it”, Kim confessed.

2. “I have to pop into my record company frequently to discuss what’s going on. I can read my fan mail there too. I have to watch all the praise doesn’t go to my head, though.”

3. “I spend half my lif eon the ‘phone. Sometimes fans ring up – that’s great as long as they’re friendly, but you can get some right nutters.”

4. “If I don’t have time for a proper lunch I get a buttie and some fresh fruit. At least when I’m stuffing fruit I know I’m not putting on the pounds.”