After a successful tour it suddenly became quiet around Kim Wilde: ‘I needed time to think’

“Why don’t we hear anything about Kim Wilde?”, is a frequently asked question we receive here. It was certainly quiet for a long time around the English singer. But that will change nów.

Just outside of the bustle of London is the flat of Kim Wilde, in a quiet neighbourhood from the 1920’s. Nothing within these beautiful surroundings would make you suspect that you are so close to a metropole. The sun is shining and the beams enter into Kim’s new home. The singer sits there very relaxed. She has taken off her shoes and sits there on the couch. Kim told us that she has pushed it around in the room four times already. Except for another chair and a table the room is almost empty. Kim is still busy picking out furniture and other stuff that should make the interior complete.

The 22 year old singer hasn’t given many interviews since her tour. Contact with the press has been less intensive and Kim was rarely on TV anymore. “Yes, but there’s nothing behind that, I assure you!”, Kim says. “I had to record new material after my last hit single. And when you’re not in the charts, there’s less reason to do a lot of radio and TV promotion. I wanted to rest and think about the future. My career has gone so fast over the last two years, that I decided to take a breather. You often hear that artists fade away into obscurity after a very quick career. I plan to stick around for a long time and prefer to take it easy for a while. My time out did take a little longer than I expected though. Because of the illness of my producer Mickey Most the recording of new songs had to be postponed. Fortunately he’s healthy now and my new record has turned out great.”
Kim looks outside for a moment. She is in an upbeat mood, which she thanks to her regulated life at home.

“During tours you always live very unhealthy. You get too little sleep and you’re always very tense before performing. I’m very glad to have a flat of my own now. As you can see I’m not totally organised yet, but my friends are helping me out. I love having so many friends from the old days. It’s such a great feeling to get home from a busy tour and knowing you get back into your own world. Just to call someone and have a nice cup of coffee together. Yes, I can really enjoy that, but I would also like to get back to work. And that will happen now. Just wait and see how I will promote my new record.