An English woman in Paris

Published in
Télé Poche (France)
Written by
Isabelle Gaudon

She is young, beautiful, rich, talented and, at twenty one years old, already famous. In order to live this fairytale life, Kim has chosen to use a symbolic name, it's the one of her dad when he was 'the singer of the Fifties'.

Her latest hit 'Love blonde' is doing very well and has earned her the demand of all the variety programmes ('Champs Elysées', 'Variétoscope', 'Cadence 3'). Kim has also recorded performances for 'Champion' and 'Platine 45' on November 2. But right now she only thinks about the release (simultaneously in France and the UK) of her third album "Catch as catch can' and her next single 'Dancing in the dark'. When she is in Paris three times a year, Kim confesses that she hates shopping and she only comes to work. Her deep eyes, he wild mane and her superb voice have made Kim Wilde a 'professional of showbiz', a real star... who, who would've thought, until a few weeks ago, lived with her parents...