Answers directly

Sylvie, 14 years, Roanne: I would like to know your date of birth, what is your preferred dish and what would you have done if you hadn’t become a singer? Thank you.
I was born November 18, 1960. My preferred dish… difficult to say because there’s so many I love. I am very greedy. I may have  light preference towards the Japanese cuisine. If I hadn’t become a singer, I would probably still have worked in music. It’s the only thing that really interests me.

Anne-Marie, 17 years, Jouy en Josas: What is your height? What is your preferred reading? Do you have one passion?
I am 1m60. What do I like to read? All the music magazines. I have a passion for gymnastics in general and aerobics in particular.

Sabrina, 13 years, Brives: What are your favourite actors? Do you wear jeans? Would you like to do a movie? What is your favourite perfume?
My favourite actor is Robert De Niro. Yes, I do wear jeans. My favourite brand is Lewis, if you’d like to know everything. I would like to do a movie one day. I love that. My favourite perfume is Eau de Calandre de Paco Rabane.

Josette, 15 years, Biarritz: Do you like being famous? Do you believe in God? What do you think are your worst faults and your best qualities?
Mostly, I like being famous, but sometimes it comes with inconveniences. I believe in God, in my own way. My worst fault is that I’m terribly possessive. And my best quality is my ability of self-criticism.

Elisa, 16 years, Liège (Belgium): Where do you have your holidays? What do you like most about boys? What is your mother’s first name?
I always spend my holidays in the Italian Alps, ski-ing. What I like most about boys is a sense of humour. Ma mother’s first name is Joyce.