Away with the shoddy, now Kim shows her legs

Here is the image, showing that the popular rock singer Kim Wilde is getting a new image. And for the first time she shows her legs.
Gone is the relaxed, slightly shoddy. So far, she has hidden her legs in all kinds of jeans. It happens with her latest hit single “Love Blonde”, which today goes into on the 8th place on TOP 15
“The fact that I decided to change image, is solely because I’m really much happier with myself than before. When I started as a singer two years ago, I was very aware of everything. It felt  not natural to be photographed the way many photographers wanted to do it. But now I’m happy because I have been accepted solely on the grounds of my music. I believe that I can now be myself more”, says the 22-year-old Kim Wilde.


This means that she is happy to be able to go into a black leather skirt and a white blouse. Both she has bought in some stores in Oxfam in the vicinity of her parents’ home where she always goes out shopping.
“I feel more like a liberated woman today than in the past. Many people will probably think it means you start to go into long pants. For me it is just the opposite,” says Kim Wilde.
“Love Blonde” is all Kim Wilde’s earlier hits such as “Kids in America”, “Chequered Love”, “Cambodia” and “View From A Bridge” written by her father – Marty Wilde, around 1960, a big rock idol – and brother Ricky Wilde.
So far, Kim has most been the slightly disheveled popgirl and she is not without reason often been called “Rock’s Brigitte Bardot”. Many have thought that her appearance has been “produced” by smart PR people, but in fact Kim has always decided about her own look.


Many other stars have their clothes tailored, while Kim’s always looked a bit used – and it has also been. She always bought it in stores in Oxfam or her entourage. “I love to drive around in Kensington and find most of the shops around the station St. Albans in Hertfordshire,” she says.
She has also always just cut her hair in front of the mirror in her parents’ house in Melvyn Gardens, where she has lived most of her life with his parents, two brothers and a sister. “I just get it up in the air and cut it in tufts. Mother cuts the very rear. I color it also myself,” says Kim.
She keeps herself on a sort of diet in order to roughly keep her weight. For some days she eats a lot of wrong things. Potatoes, French bread and chocolate, mentions herself. Afterwards she settles on a strict starvation diet and forgets about food.

Boyfriend and leaving home

As part of the new Kim Wilde image, she has bought himself an apartment in the north-west of London, and is planning to soon move out of her parents’ house. She also has a boyfriend. His name is Gary Barnacle and plays saxophone in Kim’s band.