Beautiful, fair wild one: Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde will perform concerts in Germany. Unfortunately there are only three gigs: 4.12. Hamburg (CCH), 5.12 Offenbach (Stadthalle), 6.12. Düsseldorf (Philipshalle). But you can have her new LP, Catch as catch can.

She looks really great: angel face, blond, beautiful (I think, also girls recognize) and in addition a voice, which one really knows! Many in this business have so also their charms, but if they then open their mouths and start singing, then it can pass away …
Not so with Kim Wilde. On the contrary, one hears more attentively. What is not surprising, because the family is really musical. Father Marty had a lot of hits in the sixties (“Donna”, “Teenager in Love”, “Rubberball”, for example), and really, Kim’s brother Ricky had to make a big career as a singer His songs, Kim got the record contract, which was not even so long ago, was early in 1981. As soon as careers go, in July 1981, Kim Wilde’s first LP was finished, in Germany she got instant TV, in the music store, and was not able to stop this day, and in these two and a half years she got over forty “golden” (and other precious metal for a lot of sold records) and an end can not be foreseen, because the hit machine of the family Wilde continues. “Cambodia “, With a super video, was the big hit in almost all European countries this year and the dreamgirl is already shooting more hits:” Love Blonde “and” Dancing In The Dark “, both from the brand-new album Catch as catch can.
We can only hope that she will not be so rare with concerts and will come to us on a more extended tour in the next year!