Bildbox: Kim Wilde

In the Western media she is celebrated as the biggest discovery of the year: Rock singer Kim Wilde from England.

It was 1981. At the time Kim, who was born on November 18, 1960 in Hertfordshire had recorded her first songs in the studio owned by the famous producer Micky Most. Her brother Ricky had written the songs for her. But father Wilde – one of the biggest English rock stars of the Fifties – didn’t want to have any of this. He was against a show career for his daughter. Kim should learn a proper profession. And so she studied at art college in London, in order to become a teacher someday.

But the blonde Kim kept wanting to get on stage. Already at twelve – during a tour across Australia with her father – she had her first stage success with John Denver’s “Take me home country roads”. And after her exams in 1980 Kim went into showbusiness after all.

With her first song “Kids in America” (written by brother Ricky) she stormed the English charts in 1981. She got a record deal, offers from television stations and in 1982 her album “Select” was released.

WIth one of her new songs “View from a bridge” she reached the highest places of the charts again. Lyrics and music of this song come – as with all her songs – from father Marty and brother Ricky. Kim also delivers some ideas for the lyrics sometimes. Some of the hobbies of the now 22 year old rock lady include playing piano and sketching.