Kim Wilde at breakfast, would that tell you? The disheveled hair, still numb with sleep, a silk robe hitherly passed that reveals her generous breasts, she would cross her legs… Alas, with Kim, none of that. It’s work-for-work! Lifted at seven o’clock, fully dressed and dressed in leather at eight, she patted herself with a cheese platter muttering with Sonia, her companion who watched, protected and surrounded in the absence of Papa Wilde.
Brie, camembert, county, reblochon, saint-paulin, a sip of coffee and to us the interview.

So, Kim, how did you find Guy Lux? (She did ‘Cadence 3’ the day before)

The presenter last night
Aourf (another bit of brie) … There were two guys who introduced me to the public. I think you’re talking about the oldest, the one with false teeth?

It’s him.
Oh, I barely saw him: I did my thing and I went away.

What is your secret to making hit after hit?
Call it what you want: the important thing is to reach the audience. There are recipes for that, I try to use them.

Who are your favorite artists?
They are rather isolated songs that I like, that touch me. Whether they come from such and such a singer does not interest me.

You have a real physique: you know you could make movies?
Yes. But I was not offered anything really exciting (What a pity, there is more than one role or she would do wonder …)

What are your favorite films?
Romantic love stories: the heart beating, the things that go wrong, the cinema of the 40s and 50s. Scenarii in concrete, good actors, all that no longer exists. It’s the same thing in music. The gadget replaces the personality and that’s wild (crazy)!

Sounds like you definitely opted for the leather look?
I never wear it in life, in fact. It’s just a flashy thing, that makes it sell. I try to drop a little this ‘blonde exciting’ plan, I do not want to be just legs with leather on top. I just do what I have to do, it’s like a riding outfit to ride a horse.

What do you hate?
Car movies, smoking, waiting… I do not hate people, but some of their traits.

Would you exchange your place for mine?
No. I would not like to be French. Except for cheeses.