Do blondes arrive better?

‘Love blonde’ is the name of your hit. Dos it mean that blondes have more fun?
That’s true. I have had darker hair and nothing ever happened. When I coloured my hair blonde, things went upwards. Since then I’ve stayed blonde and I have success.

In your video you look very sexy with your leather dress. Are you a sensual girl?
No, I just look like one.

Do you like it when men devour you with their eyes?
I think every woman likes that.

How important are your looks for your success?
With good looks you don’t have a hit, but it does help. Also I sing better when I know I look good.

What is so sexy about you?
I don’t know what men like about me. I’m not crazy about myself.

Would you like to marry and have children?
Not for a while yet.

How do you keep up with your male rock colleagues, with sex, drugs and rock and roll?
I am a girl and then it’s totally different. I can’t have a different boyfriend in every city. And I don’t like drugs. After a concert I go to bed and not on the runway.

Have you ever had a one night stand?
Not that I can remember.

Are you a typical Scorpio? (Kim celebrates her birthday on 18 November)
I think so. I am critical, moody, jealous. But also very well bred and very, very decent (laughs)

Do you have a message for young girls?
Not really. Or I do: don’t have an affair with married men – my grandmother always said this to me. And say everything to your mum, and be at home before midnight…