Finnish Eurovision entry causes riot

HELSINKI – Finland, which ended in last place with zero points during last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, is at risk of being disqualified for this year’s edition. Even before the final is held in Munich on April 23.

The Finnish audience has chosen the song “Fantasia” by Kari Kuusamo, which will be performed by his wife Ami Aspelund. But experts and non-experts recognise a plagiarism of the hit “Cambodia” by the British singer Kim Wilde in the song. Newspapers in Finland are divided about the question whether composer Kuusamo had heard “Cambodia” before he composed his song last year. It’s hard to say whether the similarity is a coincidence or not.

After winning the prize for the ‘worst song in Europe’ so obviously, which used to go to Norway so often in the past, Finland now seems to have to be very careful about international copyrights.