Insatiable Kim

[Translated for Wilde Life by Pigeon Malin Publishing]

It was clear at the beginning. “No picture, no interview, Kim doesn’t make promo at Cannes”. Sad. So Sad. What? Many boy dream of her, imagine impossible things, just want a little something, and this bad girl refuses? I protest! We, Salut! will do what we have to do!
We arrive in the hall of the Carlton [Palace of Cannes]. The scene was some week before during the MIDEM [Television festival]. We stay here for her.
She arrives! With her armada, father, mother, brother, we can’t believe it!
Soap beauty, Gainsbourg would say. She wears black clothes, like the Stranglers. It’s an obsession, the black.
She goes in the highest tower of the palace, in a pink suite very cosy where it smells like tea. Tomorow she will share the scene with Higelin [Famous French singer).
I drink fresh water. “Kim, why are you here?” “To see you my dear Maxim, of course!”. Ok, let’s go: What does she think of her last tour: “Well, it was a marvel. You don’t realise? We finished at home, at London, to the Dominium. It was fabulous. Fabulous! But the summum was Paris. L’Olympia was on fire, and after the Coupole. All was perfect.”
And now, what the matter ?
“You know, we have many new song in preparation. Always with Ricky and Papa. Together, we will do an album.”
She comes back from a skiing holiday in Italy, so paradisiaque that she forgets where it was exactly. And she’s tired. The next single will be released soon in England, and the album after?
“We do it with a band that the public has seen on stage. It works like clockwork, zero problem, each musician can share. They are not simple executants, they have true musical personality. Completely.”
How modest she is. How sweet. Here mum is nice too, very “smart”. Kim doesnt have time do draw, oil-base paint ?
“It’s difficult, drawing. I have lost the hand because I don’t practice. You see, I could paint with oil, but I should do that seriousely,and take lessons. Some friend of mine are into the arts, but me, how to do? Can you imagine running between lesson and sound-check? Impossible. I would be obliged to stop to sing. If I could go to university, can you imagine how many things I could learn!”
Culture seem something important for her.
“I have to learn. Before, I thought music was the more important in life. The Rock. After, I learn there is other music, jazz, ethnic music, etc. I know it. I need books, enormous disk collection. I have to learn, and learn again.”