Is Kim Wilde a girl for braggers?

There are true fights going on, when Kim Wilde wants to catch her breath in her dressingroom after a concert. What’s the problem? So many boys want to see Kim up close, touch her, maybe even kiss her. But that isn’t so easy…!

She’s extremely popular, the English singer Kim Wilde. And especially with boys. That is understandable, because she always looks really good. Although some think she is very tough because you never see her laughing. But she’s really not, we assure you! Her manager just doesn’t allow her to laugh, because he thinks she looks very cool when she looks serious.
That she is liked despite all this, Kim finds this out on a daily basis. im says: “Recently I came home after a party and I was just about ready to go to bed, when someone rang the doorbell. It scared me a little, because who could come around at such a time? So I went down. What do you think? It was a boy who just wanted to see me for a moment!” She laughs. “I experience all these strange things all the time.”
Fortunately Kim stays cool with al this. The most important men in her life are her brother Ricky, who composes all her songs, and her father Marty, the writer of the lyrics. “I am really close to my family”, says Kim, “We always work very closely together, because my mother is also involved in my work. We love being together. That’s why I still live at home and that pleases me a lot. I have considered living alone. But I think I would miss the buzz and the cosiness at home. On top of that I’m often so busy, that I don’t have time to do the housekeeping.”
About all the attention she gets from boys, she says: “I really don’t have time for boyfriends and certainly not for a steady boyfriend. I don’t go out much anyway, and when I do, it’s mostly with a group of friends I’ve known for years. You know, many boys find my being famous a bit scary. But there are some, who are attracted by that and I don’t like that a tall.”
She smiles shyly when she says: “Real love is something else: much deeper and richer. It’s unimaginable”, she continues, “how I am watched by everyone now that I’m famous. Some time ago I was eating out with a really good friend, and suddenly we are photographed! The next day I read in the tabloids that I had an affair. That’s nonsense, isn’t it?”. She looks a bit questioning, then adds: “In my business I meet a lot of guys from other bands, and that’s always nice, but there doesn’t have to be much more than that. I met Simon Lebon from Duran Duran recently. We had a good talk, and I like the fact that that band is doing so well. But an affair with him? No, I won’t start with that. I don’t want to have a relationship anyway. When the time comes, it has to be a boy who wants to be with me, not someone who is proud to be with me because I’m famous. I can’t stand that!”