Kim at the Rock wailing wall

“Long live Rock ‘n’ Roll” – with this undying motto behind her back and a big crucifix, painted by fans together with gravestones for dead rockstars like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley and John Lennon in our sight we meet Kim Wilde after the end of her tour in the UK in London.
The wailing wall with graffiti for unforgotten rock idols is made by fans in Abbey Road, where the famous studio (where the Beatles recorded their music) stands.
Kim, whose record company isn’t far away from there, took a moment to pay tribute to her famous predecessors shortly before the Bravo interview. After that we interviewed her.

The big names of rock are dead. Which recent musicians and band do you think are good?
I admire Grace Jones, because she is original musically and has developed her own style. She releases superb albums, works with talented musicians and has good producers – that impresses me. I do prefer her musical side to her image. The same goes for the band Japan: they have their own musical style. Their image is less attractive. It’s just the music that comes across. Elvis Costello may be the best songwriter that we have in England at the moment, and we have a lot of them. Besides producing great albums he has a very good band and plays really well live (I have often seen him for myself). I could also be attracted to such a person myself…

Weren’t you already in love with a rock musician?
Yes, but I don’t name names.

Could you be interested or even be in love with someone from a heavy metal band like for instance AC/DC?
I don’t really like Heavy Metal, as you can see from my own musical preferences. Wether I could fall in love with someone from a metal band? Who knows. You can’t say so in advance…

Why do you make such a big secret of your boyfriends anyway? Are they so ugly you can’t even show them?
There’s so much talking, writing and innuendo about my affairs, that I think it’s absurd. I think my private life should be taboo. That includes my family, my best friends and also my boyfriends. Momentarily I don’t even have time for a relationship, though…

You have a very conventional image. What do you think about emancipation, or are you more impressed by a more traditional woman?
I like the middle ground. The best example for that is my mother. She hasn’t just made a stage career, she is also a housekeeper and a wife. Like her I would like to have children, I don’t like being totally emancipated. For now my career is more important. Later I can only hope that I will find an ideal solution like she has.