Kim, did you get married secretly?

After it had been quiet for months around Kim Wilde, the singer announced, prettier than ever, with her single “Love Blonde” that she’s back! Pop/Rocky reporter Hanne Jordan met Kim in London and learned from her, why she had retired and what her plans for the future will look like.

Kim, we have missed you for a long time! What have you been doing in the meantime?
I worked, worked incessantly! In the recording studio, in my new apartment and on myself. The work in the studio on the new album have taken much longer than we had anticipated. Besides, I go three or four times a week to the fitness training with weight lifting and all the trimmings! For that I am now in a super shape. I feel better than ever, although I do have my hands full with my new apartment. Just the renovations are finished.

Have you moved in yet?
No, because there is no carpets and curtains in there yet. Also, I have not yet purchased any furniture. That will probably take a while.

Although could you afford the expensive clothes, do you buy your clothes in normal shops, and even in shops with used clothes!
Yes, that’s right. Why should I buy expensive clothes if I do not like them? I put my things together better – sometimes I buy them even at the flea market. My favorite are timeless, comfortable clothes.

How’s your boyfriend Gary Barnacle? Did you get married secretly?
No, certainly not! I swore not to tell when it comes to love. Should I marry me, you will learn this immediately. Currently I am neither engaged, nor do I have such plans. I concentrate fully on my career for the time being!

How does it look with your plans for the future?
As I said, the studio work for the new album have been considerably delayed, so it probably comes out in September. Also we had to postpone the tours to a later date. Originally we wanted to come to Germany in the summer, but it will now probably be winter until spring ’84. I can assure my German fans that they are at the top of my list!

You know already how the new album will be called?
No, the title is not yet clear. Although the single still sounds a little different than one is used to from me, but the album as a whole is typical Kim Wilde. My father has again largely wrote the lyrics, the music my brother. We are a real family. My mother also works actively with us. She is responsible for contracts, invoices and planning. I think that’s great, because we have everything under control, and no one can cheat us.

Would you like your fans in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have something to tell?
O yes, I like to… The best thing I can do is write!
Kim takes a sheet of paper and wrote the following lines:
To all Pop / Rocky reader
I hope that you all like my new single, and that we can come to you as soon as possible on tour. We do our best.
All love and thank you for your continued support.
With love
Kim Wilde