Kim lets look deeply

Does Kim need it? Her new outfit with which she presents her new song “Love blonde” has prompted different reactions. The until now shy Kim in a provocative leather dress. Does she want to show her fans the cold shoulder? Or one is to see the whole rather under the slogan: “a beautiful back can also enchant?”
She has excited attention anyhow. And she doesn’t really feel at ease in the dress either. Particularly during the TV performance in “Bananas” when her breasts involuntarily slipped in plain sight. And with something like that the fun ends for Kim.

What has become of you, Kim? Do you want to be a vamp all of a sudden?
No. I am still shy and I will probably stay that way, I don’t think it’s a weakness. We chose the dress becuse we wanted to have a strong picture for the sleeve of the single and because it shows my blonde hair so well. I have overcome the horror from the performance. It is fun to catch the looks from the audience. Besides I have noticed, that my feeling on stage is so good, the more I give from myself.

“Love blonde” surprises with a totally new sound. Was it your idea to sing with more spice and sex in your voice?
My brother Ricky wrote the song, but I had the idea to ride the Swing wave. Gary’s clarinet evoked a feeling in the song that inspired me to sing the way I did.

Your figure looks more feminine and more curvy than before?
Yes, I will tell you I have gained weight a little. But just one kilo. Gaining weight is a problem for me. When I don’t watch it, it will go too fast. But at the moment I feel very well. I go to aerobics and yoga regularly, to keep in shape.

Are you still together with Gary?
Yes. I trust no other person more. When he is near me, I feel assured. Since I’ve come to know him I have lost a lot of fears, that I’ve battled with for all my life.