Kim: “Nobody wants me”

Kim Wilde (23) has a reason to laugh: since years the beautiful girl from London is a star at the top of the international charts. But Kim does not laugh. Whether it’s on television, in concert or on photographs: she is always totally serious. Yesterday Kim Wilde spent an hour on the Express-telephone. The reader wanted to know most of all: “Why have you never laughed”? Kim explained: “Because I can’t be happy on command. I need a reason to laugh.”

“Kim? Hallo! Nee, ich spreche leider kein Englisch, ich dachte, Du spricht kölsch…”, caller Hans Dieter Meschonat (24) from Cologne excused himself, before hanging up the phone.

Reader Charlotte Schmidt (41) from Spich suspected that Kim wasn’t happy with her profession: “Doesn’t it make you happy to do this?”
Kim: “It does. I am  a happy person, and privately I laugh a lot and gladly.”

Reader Ludwig Kaiser (35), Cologne: “Are you engaged?”
K.W.: “No, until now no-one wanted to marry me…”
Ludwig Kaiser: “That can’t be true! Who lets someone like you go?!”

Desiree Dummer (13), Lüisdorf: “Do you love the German audience?”
K.W.: “Yes, I do, which is why I do my first German tour now.”
Desiree Dummer: “Do you like to read?”
K.W.: “Most of all the fairies by Andersen.”

Frank Ehrlacher (13), Bergisch Gladbach: “Do you sing about yourself in ‘Love Blonde’?
K.W.: “No, this song is for all women. The colour of the hair doesn’t even matter.”
Frank Ehrlacher: “Do you have an idol?”
K.W.: “Cary Grant.”

Cornelia Scholz (18), Dusseldorf: “Is your real name Wilde?”
K.W.: “No, my real name is Smith”

Jurgen Bongard (20), Bonn: “When is your new album released?”
K.W.: “It is released on October 31, and is called ‘Catch as catch can'”