Kim – the perfect model for all young romantics

From where I’m sitting, it would be easy for me to say: ‘Look at these punk rockers, what do they know about love?’

But the fact is that today’s youth are more sensible about love than we were. They’ve got their heads screwed on all right. Perhaps it’s because of the permissive society, the Pill, this anything-goes attitude. In our day we were trapped by a puritanical Victorian hangover when a goodnight kiss on the doorstep was oh so exciting! It was something you weren’t supposed to do and because of that it was more exciting. Today it’s all up-front. Nothing taboo or mysterious.


But even so I think today is much healthier, mentally, for young people. There might not be any excitement of romance, but there aren’t any hangups either. To me, the girl who sums up what it’s like to be a young adult today is Marty Wilde’s 22-year-old daughter, Kim. She’s a successful, modern, trendy rock star and talks an awful lot of sene for such a young girl, especially when it comes to love and romance. Young people today could do worse than listen to Kim. She is one of them, and she knows what they are going through.

Until recently, the man in Kim’s life was her Dad, Marty, who backed her all the way with her showbiz career. But then sultry Kim was swept off her feet by Gary Barnacle, the sax-player in Kim’s band.


Until she met him she maintained: ‘I don’t think I’d like a steady relationship. I would get too involved. The trouble about getting involved with a guy is that emotionally you can come to depend on him too much. When it’s over you are much weaker and need to build up your strength.’

Friends say Kim and Gary are blissfully happy – it looks as though Kim has decided to enjoy romance while it lasts.