Kim Wilde

With music practically bred into her genes, is it any wonder that the sight of Kim – in her jeans – is such a regular one on ‘TOTP’? No, of course not, for Kim comes from a long line of hit-makers, both young and old.
Her father Marty was successful in the fifties and sixties, having many chart hits, and even today still plays regularly. Kim’s mother was one of the Vernon Girls. Brother Ricky, on the other hand, was something of a failure in his attempt to become a teeny star, but he has changed that by writing songs for Kim and producing her in the studio.
It was Ricky who wrote ‘Kids in America’, Kim’s debut hit in this country, which scaled the charts easily; like-minded discs, ‘View from a bridge’, ‘Chequered Love’ and ‘Cambodia’ followed that same well-deserved course.
The whole charm of Kim and her work is that she carries it off with vigour, and avoids coyness; she plays it straight from the heart. Kim sees no problems around her, nor does she worry what people think of her, particularly the family link.
‘They expect you to be spoilt, mindless and untalented, and sometimes they’re right. I hope I’m not like that.’
Should anybody think that she’s anything other than a careful but intuitive performer, one proper listen to ‘Cambodia’ will change that. Kim is bringing credibility to the world of pop and that’s good enough for me.

Kim Wilde Fact File
Name: Kim Wilde
Date of birth: 18th November 1960
Place of birth: Chiswick
Height: 5ft 5in
Colour of eyes: Blue
First love: Crunchies
First gig attended: Johnny Nash at Alexandra Palace
First records bought: ‘The look of love’ by Gladys Knight, ‘Big 7’ by Judge Dredd
Instruments played: Piano
Favourite films: American Werewolf in London, Don’t look now, King Creole
Favourite TV show: ‘Kenny Everett’, ‘TOTP’, wildlife documentaries, ‘Eurovision Song Contest’
Best live show seen: Mo-Dettes at The Moonlight Club 1980
Favourite foods: Fruit and veg
Favourite drink: Bloody Mary

Kim Wilde’s All-Time Top Ten
1 ‘Only the lonely’ by Frank Sinatra
2 ‘This year’s girl’ by Elvis Costello
3 ‘Something’s gotten hold of my heart’ by Gene Pitney
4 ‘Love her madly’ by The Doors
5 ‘That’s why I love you’ by Andrew Gold
6 ‘What’s new’ by Frank Sinatra
7 ‘Off the hook’ by The Rolling Stones
8 ‘Nite Klub’ by The Specials
9 ‘See you’ by Depeche Mode
10 ‘Charade’ by The Skids